This page contains a non-exhaustive list of things I work on/build/help create.


I’m professionally and personally interested in IT security.


I’m a product engineer at Sqreen. We make IT security accessible and manageable.

We are likely hiring, so check us out. It is an absolutely amazing place to work at.

twofa (CLI 2FA client)

I built an open-source 2FA client for Macs.

It is written in Swift, and allows you to authenticate using TouchID.

Here’s a write-up about it: Introducing twofa – a Touch ID-aware 2FA client for macOS.


I co-founded Notakey and was the CEO for 3 years. It provides SMEs on-premise tools for enhancing security and usability, without having to make significant changes to the existing infrastructure.

I am not involved in the day-to-day activities anymore.


I’m also interested in finance, though not in a professional capacity.

Full Pocket (newsletter)

I write an open-source digest newsletter about personal finance.

Very Good Finances (SaaS)

I am building a SaaS tool to help form better financial management habits.

SaltEdge API Client (C#)

I maintain an open-source C# library for connecting to the SaltEdge financial data aggregtion API.